Advancing Healthcare IT for Better Health

Our platform offers innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare industry today, including preventive healthcare, proper treatment, electronic health records, and digitizing healthcare IT.

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Simplifying Healthcare Management with 71EHR

We're dedicated to improving healthcare through innovative technology solutions. Our platform simplifies healthcare management for both providers and patients, making it easier to access care and improve health outcomes.

For Provider

71 EHR provides healthcare providers with a robust software solution to help streamline their practice management and improve patient care. With features such as appointment scheduling, medical record-keeping, billing and payments, electronic prescribing, telemedicine, and online booking, healthcare providers can simplify their workflows and enhance their productivity.

EHR & Practice Management Features

For Patients

71ehr's mobile app is a powerful and comprehensive solution that enhances the healthcare experience for patients. Our app allows patients to easily access their health records, book appointments online, communicate with doctors, and make online bill payments, all in one place. This makes managing healthcare simple and convenient for patients.

Mobile App Features

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Preventive Health Care

Our preventive health care feature helps healthcare providers monitor vital health metrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels proactively. By identifying and managing risk factors before they turn into serious health conditions, healthcare providers can keep patients healthy and prevent future health complications. Our innovative platform makes this possible, allowing healthcare providers to create customized treatment plans for individual patient needs

Proper Treatment

Our system enhances proper treatment by providing clinical notes for recording patient information, ICD-10 coding support for accurate medical necessity determination, digital prescription creation for patient safety, patient history tracking for future treatment guidance, medical document upload and viewing, and a comprehensive drug directory for effective medication prescription.

Electronic Health Record

71EHR offers a comprehensive health record system for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients can easily access their health records and medical documents through the patient portal, enabling them to keep track of their health history and share it with their healthcare providers. On the other hand, healthcare providers can utilize the platform to manage their patients' health records and securely store important medical documents. The system is equipped with features like the ability to illuminate handwritten prescriptions, ICD-10 coding, and customizable templates for clinical notes, making it a useful tool for improving the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare services.

Digitizing Healthcare IT

The 71EHR solution is transforming the healthcare industry by providing innovative healthcare IT solutions. With our advanced technology, we are helping healthcare providers to offer better care to their patients, enabling medical staff to work more efficiently, and making healthcare more accessible to everyone. By utilizing our platform, providers can access a wide range of features and tools that streamline their practice and help them manage patient data more effectively. Our solution is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered, making it more efficient, effective, and accessible to all. Join us on this journey towards a healthier future with 71EHR.

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