Comprehensive Electronic Health Records Solution

We are dedicated to delivering an Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution that truly understands and addresses the real-world needs of healthcare professionals.


The platform is designed to handle an increasing number of patients and data as your practice grows, ensuring performance and efficiency.


71ehr prioritizes data security and compliance with healthcare regulations to protect patient information and ensure confidentiality.


The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, reducing the learning curve for healthcare providers and staff.

Features that will potentially increase performance.

We collaborated closely with a number of doctors to develop features that are based on real-world requirements and feedback.

Chief Complaint

Capture and document the patient’s primary reason for seeking medical care efficiently.


Easily record and manage patient diagnoses to facilitate treatment planning and tracking.

Vital Management

Monitor and manage vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature for comprehensive patient assessment.


Streamline the documentation and management of treatment plans, including medications and therapies.

Lab Order

Order and track laboratory tests within the EHR for prompt diagnostics and results management.

Vaccination and Immunization

Seamlessly integrate and store diagnostic imaging data, including X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Prescription Sharing

Share prescriptions with patients through SMS or email for enhanced communication and convenience.

Drug Directory

Access an extensive drug directory containing 40,000 medications for precise prescription management.


Schedule and track follow-up appointments and procedures to maintain continuity of care.

ICD-10 Coding

Utilize the ICD-10 coding system for accurate coding of diagnoses and procedures, facilitating billing and reporting.

Clinical Note Templates

Improve documentation efficiency with pre-designed clinical note templates for standardized patient encounter recording.


Enable virtual healthcare visits, consultations, and monitoring through secure telehealth features, enhancing accessibility and remote patient care.

Medical Billing

Streamline the billing process by generating and managing medical bills, handling insurance claims, and ensuring accurate reimbursement for services rendered.

Mobile App for Patients

Provide patients with a user-friendly mobile app to access their health records, schedule appointments, receive telehealth services, view test results, and communicate securely with healthcare providers.

Health Record Sharing

Facilitate secure sharing of patient health records with authorized healthcare providers and specialists, ensuring coordinated and comprehensive care.

Explore the capabilities of 71EHR and unlock new potential for your practice.

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