Manage Medical Appointments with Ease Using the 71ehr App

The 71ehr app offers a user-friendly solution for managing medical appointments, making it easy for patients to stay on top of their healthcare needs. With the app, patients can easily schedule appointments with healthcare providers and receive reminders, ensuring that you never miss an important appointment again


Download the app from your device’s app store and create an account

Add Patient Information

Add patient information for yourself and any family members who will be scheduling appointments.

Find Doctor

Browse through doctor chamber information, appointment fees, and availability to find a provider that meets your needs.

Book Appointments

Schedule an appointment through the app and receive helpful reminders leading up to the appointment.

Convenient Scheduling

Patients can view doctor chamber information, appointment fees, and availability, all from the app, giving them the flexibility to choose a provider and appointment type that fits their needs and budget. By scheduling appointments through the app, patients can enjoy paperless scheduling, helpful reminders, and in-app check-in.

Family Appointment Management

The 71ehr mobile app makes it easy for families to manage their healthcare appointments with the ability to add multiple patient information and book appointments. Patients can easily add information for themselves and their family members to the app, streamlining the appointment scheduling process.

Mobile Check-In

The 71ehr mobile app makes it easy for patients to check in for their healthcare appointments directly from their mobile device. When patients arrive at the doctor’s chamber, they can let their provider know that they have arrived by clicking the “check-in” button on the app. This feature saves patients time and streamlines the check-in process, making it more convenient for both patients and healthcare providers.

Don’t wait download our app now.

Discover the convenience of effortlessly managing your healthcare appointments with the 71ehr app. The Android version is now available for download on Google Drive! Stay tuned for the iOS version coming soon. Start scheduling appointments with ease today.

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